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Creating a first brand of lithium battery equipment
Providing first-class equipment, benefiting all mankind with clean energy
Product marketing positioning:
Providing direct supporting services for lithium battery manufacturers with complete sets
of serialized high-end products in the whole factory
Credible & Dedicated, Sustainable Innovation, United & Efficient,
Mutual Respect & Reciprocity
Realizing other objectives after reaching the peak of perfection
Business philosophy:
Constant Improvement, Customer Supreme, Social Service, Sustainable Operation
Management philosophy:
Strictness helps, indulgence spoils; insisting in the people-oriented principle
of democratic centralism
Execution philosophy:
Absolute obedience, no excuse
Quality philosophy:
Character determines products, products are character
Quality first, sustainable creation of highest quality
Product philosophy:
Exceeding customer expectation, and insisting in technical innovation to
meet market demands
Continuing product leadership, and creating highest quality to lead the industrial development
Innovation philosophy:
Innovation includes idea, though, strategy, management, mechanism, science & technology,
institution and service innovation.
Market philosophy:
Creative, innovative; requirement satisfaction, market leadership
Marketing philosophy:
Based on best product quality, powered by sustainable technical innovation
Supported by perfect sales system, targeted by highest profits
(Notes: achieving the highest profits with the most closely coordinated team,
the lowest manufacturing cost and the highest working efficiency)
Competition philosophy:
Ceaseless self-improvement, constant success
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