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Warm congratulations Lithium Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Ruby won the "advanced enterprises in Dongguan City of Science and Technology Association," the title of chairman and general manager Yu Shimin won the "science and technology enterprises i

Number of visits: Date:2014-5-29

In 2013, Dongguan CAST organizations at all levels in the party's 18 Third Plenary Session of the spirit of the eighteenth and guidance, closely around Dongguan municipal government's central work, thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development and carry out the "three services a reinforcing ", and strive to serve Dongguan Science and Technology progress and industrial transformation and upgrading, effectively promoted the prosperity and development of the cause of the Dongguan Science and Technology, and a number of dedication, hard work, hard work, dedication of the advanced collectives and individuals.

To establish a typical recognition of advanced science and technology workers to further mobilize the enthusiasm of Dongguan Science and Technology Association decided to Lithium Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Ruby CAST, CAST Guangdong Chitone Ltd., Dongguan Science and Technology Co., Mike CAST CAST and other companies awarded 40 companies "Dongguan Science and technology Association of advanced enterprise" title; Dongguan City, Ruby lithium technology Co., CAST president Yu Shimin, McNair technology Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City, CAST president Zhang River, Dongguan City, South City hospital Liu went to equality 53 awarded the "science and technology enterprises in Dongguan City outstanding Member" title; and the like Comrade 苏爱国 written "emergency command system based on P2P video surveillance technology research" and other 54 outstanding scientific papers, Comrade Liu Yuan magnitude "policy recommendations on accelerating the development of urban agriculture in Dongguan," and raised three outstanding scientific recommendations, Zhong Hao and other comrades who completed "mechanical man lift systems" outstanding scientific and technological achievements 8 Golden Bridge project has given recognition.


Dongguan Science and Technology Association Information:

Founded in October 16, 1957, formerly known as Dongguan County Science and Technology Popularization Association, in November 1958 changed its name to the county, Dongguan Science and Technology Association, there were 195 members, 26 members. Dongguan is now under the jurisdiction of the Science Museum, Dongguan Science and Technology Advisory Service Centre, Dongguan translation service center, Dongguan Science and Technology Learning Institute 4 institutions.

Dongguan City Association for Science and Technology Association Organization Committee and the system includes a citywide societies, associations, seminars, and township CAST Association belongs to the study, companies CAST belongs. Currently, there are 49 municipal City Associations Institute (Association of Research), 32 Towns CAST, four enterprises directly under CAST, linked with nearly 100,000 members of the municipal science and technology community and the vast majority of grassroots members of CAST to form a huge network of scientists, at present Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Leng Xiaoming comrades of Dongguan presidency Dongguan Science and technology Association office.

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