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Science and Technology Bureau of Dongguan City, visit the Ruby Lithium Technology study guide and give high praise

Number of visits: Date:2014-6-10

May 8, 2014 afternoon, the Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau 吴美良 deputy director and chief Luoguang Lin Dongcheng District Technology Office 钟润伦 Director, Mr. Yuan Xuebin visit Lithium Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Ruby study tours, Ruby, Chairman and Chief Deputy General Manager Mr. Yu Shimin and three of Mr Ng and his party leaders were received, and led all the leaders visited the production workshop and introduced the company's key products.

Throughout the visit, Ruby Technology Chairman Mr. Yu Shimin as leaders introduce the development, production and marketing team the company's production and assembly workshop production equipment and lithium, but also reported on recent developments in science and technology Hongbao and future plans as well as companies in the industry's influence and market share, etc., in the assembly plant Hongbao Technology chairman Mr. Yu Shimin details the various advanced automation equipment to all the leaders, especially mentioned most products have applied for a patent , Secretary Nicholas NG technology products for HOSSONI expressed strong interest, and said that enterprises should have the awareness of IPR protection, to protect their research results, if there is research and innovation should apply for a patent for the innovation and development of Dongguan efforts, and recommended enterprises to actively implement the national application "enterprise intellectual property management practices" standard, a national IPR demonstration city to contribute to Dongguan.

During a visit to the workshop, the company's production capacity of Secretary Nicholas NG expressed full praise and recognition, but also praised the current Ruby science and technology advanced automated production equipment and professional production technology capabilities. Mr Ng also said that Ruby technologically advanced production technology and professional R & D team is worth learning from other enterprises, and enterprises have maintained hope that by this development, production and sales capacity, in the near future, Ruby science and technology is bound to the lithium equipment industry at the forefront.

While visiting corporate culture corridor, Secretary Nicholas NG of various honors and obtained the patent company expressed great affirmation of Mr. 喻世民 entrepreneurial experience gave praise and encouragement. Mr Ng went to the newspaper to promote its former client companies stopped stopped, and after watching carefully asked a number of cooperation in the matter of HOSSONI Micro customers across the country and our products have been recognized by the world's lithium giants expressed praise, at the same time for the future development of enterprises put forward constructive suggestions.

Subsequent discussions, chairman 喻世民 to Mr Ng talked about recommendations for future development of new energy and some personal ideas, but also proposed a variety of difficulties and bottlenecks encountered in the development of the company, the city government can hope to be able to give some help and financial support. Mr Ng expressed Dongguan City is the introduction of relevant policies CNC equipment financing terms, and that in the future to strengthen communication and exchanges between enterprises and the government, so that policies can be reached in a timely manner under the enterprise, the voice of the enterprise can be timely communicated to the Government of the ear.

After listening to the views of the leadership of Science and Technology Bureau, said Yu always said: "Ruby Science and Technology as a national high-tech enterprises, will insist on compliance and implementation of the relevant state regulations, to strengthen its core R & D and innovation capability, more patent application and into products, and extended to foreign markets through the company's marketing elite, Dongguan City, as well as for the development of the country's new energy industry to make some contribution.



Mr Ng Yu total to introduce coater


Mr Ng and Yu total close conversation


Mr Ng and his party leaders visited the assembly shop

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