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I warmly congratulate won the 2013 "Guangdong Province" honorary title

Number of visits: Date:2014-6-10

Guangdong Province, refers to the market in Guangdong Province, has a high reputation, a registered trademark of the relevant public art.

Mark as an important part of intellectual property, trade marks and business is not only services, but also a symbol of the commodity market reputation, market share, competitiveness and overall corporate image. In recent years, the Guangdong provincial government's efforts in protecting famous trademarks continued to increase, to improve the visibility of the trademark owner has a trademark, famous trademark enterprises enhance the market competitiveness of great significance.

April 24, 2014, according to "Guangdong Famous Trademark Determination and regulations" and provisions "Guangdong Province Guangdong Famous Trademark Review and Adjudication Board on the identification and management of the implementation details" of the Guangdong Province by the jury panel and formally announced, Dongguan City, Ruby lithium Technology Co., Ltd. "HONBRO" trademark was officially recognized as the Guangdong Province, became one of the few in the lithium industry equipment companies get the honor. To receive this title, not only illustrates our strong brand value, also marks the device HOSSONI technology has upgraded to a new level. Our access to the most significant value of well-known trademarks, a wider range than the previous general trademark protection, greater government support efforts for our company in the future to combat infringement and counterfeiting adds a new legal weapon; while Ruby brand awareness and reputation has greatly improved, the famous trademark identification, meaning Ruby products have been identified as the authorities of quality products, so that our great value of intangible assets.

"HONBRO" the trademark is Hongbao science and technology initiative, contains a unique design ideas. Chinese as "Ruby", the literal meaning is: to succeed, Baoye forever, "HONBRO" is Honest brother (honesty brothers) abbreviations, in-house staff symbolizes the epitome of external symbol of Hongbao corporate image.

Ruby Science and Technology has been founded 15 years with outstanding quality and innovative technology strength, recognized all walks of life, has won the "National High-tech Enterprise", "Guangdong private enterprises", "Dongguan equipment manufacturing industry key enterprises" , "ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification," "patent advantages of enterprises in Dongguan City," "Dongguan patent award certificate"; the company from the beginning to insist on brand building, brand strategy as the core competitiveness, to improve the quality assurance, strong R & D capabilities and marketing capabilities, and achieved good reputation in lithium equipment industry. I believe the future under the joint efforts of Ruby, Ruby science and technology will be better and better, as the world's first lithium equipment brand.

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