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Ruby Science and Technology 15th Anniversary Special Report

Number of visits: Date:2014-10-8

-Five years, created the brand Ruby

Zhuhe Hong Bao warm-fifth anniversary of the creation of science and technology

Energy and growing environmental crisis today, a group of energy and vowed to change the status quo of China's environmental protection cause blood disabilities, here condensed into an efficient and supportive team, they will help China's global energy and environmental protection and change.

Here, industrial automation and innovative technology condenses high intelligence, high stability, high efficiency and high integration of lithium battery production equipment, leading the development and innovation of China's clean energy technology automation equipment! To provide first-class equipment, so that clean energy for the benefit of all mankind for the mission to promote the sustainable development of society, which is "Hongbao science and technology!"

Year 1999, Dongguan City, Ruby Lithium Technology Co., Ltd. in the country to develop high-tech enterprises under the background of the birth, Ruby after 15 years of development and innovation, has grown into a leader in the domestic new energy equipment field, we its unique dominance led the development of the industry. Are now available at a number of large domestic enterprises to establish a long-term battery healthy partnership, such as Tianjin Lishen, ATL, Guangyu Group, BYD Huizhou billion Wei, etc., they are given a science and technology HOSSONI unanimous praise and praise.

Today's Ruby brand has not only been recognized by domestic customers, while Ruby has been the concern of the world to the world of multinational industry professionals, and in a number of world-class enterprises to establish a cooperative relationship, such as Samsung, Volkswagen and so on. 2011 "Hongbao technology" was included in the global lithium battery production equipment main rival power rankings-known German media consulting agency "Roland Berger" company. This is also the only company in China lithium equipment companies selected in the list. This marks "Ruby brand" has been on the international stage lithium battery production equipment, with a large international automation equipment manufacturers competitive strength. This Hongbao people are to each event a passion Endeavour, which is the result of each of HOSSONI contribute to the development of the joint efforts of Ruby. Here we would like to thank the many years of development HOSSONI quietly pay Hongbao family. We would like to thank all the friends of Ruby's care, thanks to the new and old customers trust Ruby, and thanked the supplier partners for support of Ruby, thank you!

There was a number of national enterprises vivid example for our praise, we not only admire their outstanding corporate culture, but they admire the way forward guidelines for the development of Chinese national enterprises, China has set a benchmark for the development of national enterprises. Ruby has been on the "achievements of lithium apparatus of the first brand" for the vision, we have been depending on the development of China's new energy equipment and technology mission, we are willing to work with many new energy equipment business development progress together. We also admitted that we would like to do a cornerstone technology development path China on automation equipment.

Today's Ruby in the industry already has a higher visibility, but every one of our people must be properly HOSSONI look at the current status of the company, so we must maintain a prudent work habits. We recognize the lack HOSSONI technology, such as our management systems are still inadequate, our products also need to innovate, our corporate strategy also needs to adjust as appropriate, and so on. These companies need to work closely together to try to improve.

Today we live and work in Hong Bao this family, perhaps yesterday we pass strangers. Ruby is let us have the opportunity here to acquaintance, friend, many of whom are here in love. Now we need to cherish this predestined love, this love. Let us unite in tightly HOSSONI this family, loved ones live up to our expectations and live up to the trust of our customers, to live up to the State to our care. Lithium for the achievements of the first brand vision equipment, and provide first-class equipment, so that clean energy for the benefit of mankind's mission and work hard! Ruby is the science and technology to fight our proud nation a century enterprises and strive! If we need to give yourself a reason to struggle, then it is our efforts to make the earth more beautiful, make the environment more clearly, let our children live healthier.

Future, Ruby science and technology will always uphold the integrity and dedication, continuous innovation, efficient unity, mutual respect and win-win values. We continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, and always keep up with the national development strategy, to promote Chinese and global new energy and environmental protection cause of development and progress and contribute.

OF: General Manager's Office of Science and Technology, Assistant General Manager Li Huaning HOSSONI

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