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Social Responsibility


Honbro takes “concerning about social establishment and actively participating in commonweal undertakings” as the important content and concrete expression of fulfilling its social responsibilities while sparing not efforts in establishing an enterprise with international competitiveness. It always concerns and supports social commonweal undertakings, and actively participates in disaster relief, teaching donation, social stability, culture & sports support and other commonweal undertakings. Particularly, its performance in supporting of educational development, road & bridge building, talent entrepreneurship and employment, fighting against SARS, Southeast Asia tsunami donation, southern flood & Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake disaster relief, Yushu earthquake disaster relief and other processes give full expression to Honbro’s deep love and social responsibilities. The social responsibilities of the company are interpreted by its own practical actions which are widely recognized by all sectors of society.

Since its foundation, Honbro always spares no efforts in educational donation, and has successively donated and subsidized hinterland schools and other institutions for many times, making a great contribution to the improvement of local educational level.

In the face of disasters, Honbro, a newly-developing representative of China self-owned brand, undertakes the dream of revitalizing national industry, and organizes a fully-manned donation ceremony during disaster relief, receiving high praise and appreciation from personages of all circles in the society.

Charity is a great enterprise spirit and a lofty humanistic feeling. Honbro always spreads the social responsibilities serving as the important content of its spirit, advocates affectionate enterprises, and devotes itself to social philanthropy to the greatest extent, contributing its own force to the harmonious development of Chinese society.

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