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Honbro is committed to providing lifelong training for staff training to adapt to the development of high-quality lithium industry professionals, so that the company can adapt to various changes in the future to become a first-class enterprise. With the rapid development of the company, in order to meet the urgent need for professional training, the company gradually adapt to the development of a scientific training system. The company has established with universities, the authority of training and consulting agencies, large companies and other long-term cooperative relations, to carry out various forms of cooperation projects, such as the establishment of a research base with Hunan University, commissioned by training, talent customization, academic exchanges and cooperation projects .

The company currently training classes conducted mainly in the following areas:
       1, new employees into the company training: including etiquette, quality control, production management, corporate strategic planning and so on.
      2, job skills and technical training: domestic enterprises held a rare apprentice ceremony, so the docking mentoring skills training (see Employee)
       3, management training: organization and management personnel and technical backbone to participate in high-level business management colleges courses. System managers at all levels to accept the relevant management training. Regularly employ universities professors, experts in consulting firms, senior management training management theory. (See Employee)
       4, expatriate training: annual dispatch batches technical / managerial backbone to large enterprises for technical, management, training equipment, training and exchanges.
       5, the quality of training: Ruby ancient Chinese companies touting "filial loyalty" cultural tradition in the company's extensive education "Students"
       6, social and environmental training.


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