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Talent concept

To create a perfect talent training mechanism, in order to achieve a win-win situation between enterprises and employees. In the implementation of international management at the same time, advocate the "people-oriented" management concept, constantly establish and improve the incentive mechanism, and strive to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, initiative and creativity. Love the motherland, love the company, love the staff, love the family, establish a consensus of faith, and take the true feelings of team building.

Basic principles of human resources

Managers employ basic principles: both moral and ability, break the rule reuse; Talent without virtue, limit the use; Have virtue without talent, cultivation and use; No talent no virtue, resolutely do not need; Meritocracy, meritocracy, meritocracy.



Common values are the criteria for fair evaluation of our employees; Setting clear challenging goals and tasks for each employee is the basis for us to make a fair evaluation of employee performance improvement; The ability and potential shown by employees in completing their own work are more important than academic qualifications to evaluate the fair standard of ability.


A surname

Hongbao pursues the principle of efficiency first and fairness. We encourage every employee to compete on the basis of sincere cooperation and commitment to responsibility; And provide fair opportunities and conditions for the development of employees. Each employee should rely on their own efforts and オ to strive for opportunities provided by the company; Rely on work and self-study to improve their own quality and ability; Satisfy your own desire for achievement by creatively completing and improving your own work. We fundamentally negate short-sightedness, comparison and egalitarianism in evaluation and value distribution.


Open to the public

We believe that following the principle of openness is a necessary condition to ensure the justice and equity of human resource management. The formulation of important policies and systems of the company shall fully solicit opinions and consultations. To suppress fluke, clearly praise and criticize, and improve the transparency of system implementation. We fundamentally reject anarchic, unorganized and undisciplined individualism.



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