Soft pack power automatic line

Soft pack power automatic line

Customized design concept
Create an efficient intelligent workshop

HONBRO technology according to the requirements of customers' intelligent production line, with customized design concept,
Cooperate with customers to create high efficiency, high intelligence, high stability, highly integrated, modular intelligent workshop



Five advantages of products

Let time tell value - Long equipment life
Through careful design, strict selection of accessories, precision processing, precision assembly of mechanical manufacturing, and intelligent software combined with black technology innovation, with fast service guarantee, so that Hongbao technology to achieve a longer equipment life cycle, better long-term performance, bring higher economic benefits.

Technical precipitationHONBRO Company in the pole strip cutting to increase production capacity by 50%, reduce burrs by 40%, dust removal and protection, equipment replacement time to shorten and other aspects of continuous improvement; Aluminum-plastic film punching shell, Draw to keep the aluminum layer ≥60%, improve the sealing thickness accuracy, no wrinkle, sealing thickness detection, etc. The injection accuracy of the liquid injection machine is increased to 0.3%, no drip, automatic cleaning of the liquid injection pipeline, the fastest change time is reduced to 5 minutes; Two sealing machine innovative centrifugal packaging process, no virtual seal, only pumping without pumping liquid, perfect solution to the difficult pain point of liquid retention.


Perfect for customized processe

HONBRO company designs equipment functions according to customer requirements and process requirements, and provides customers with high-quality requirements with CCD+UVW positioning mode, contact online seal thickness detection, CCD defect detection, CCD size detection, dark room detection, preventive punching sensor detection, battery voltage resistance testing, etc. Each function module can realize non-stop refuelling, each moving part has the function of life and maintenance prompt, and the production situation of each machine before and after the process is monitored remotely by sound and light; To provide customers with different production capacity of the experiment line manual, semi-automated, fully automated equipment; Production line equipment with different capacity; Multiple process compatible mass production equipment.

Exceed expectations with service
HONBRO company takes customer demand as the center, adopts project management, pre-sales technical support, sales design review disclosure, after-sales quick response, one-stop problem solving for customers.

Provide comprehensive process equipment solutions and supporting equipment capabilities.

Intelligent management
HONBRO company's technical team has a deep grasp of industrial robots, numerical control, image processing and recognition technology required in the development of automation engineering systems, and the display form of touch screen comprehensive analog view is simple to operate and easy to learn and use. Complex database software technology, industrial automation intelligent system development and integration, for customers to achieve MES management system to lay a solid foundation.


Flexible packaging battery production line process/equipment flow diagram

Designed for high-end customers to provide value five-star personalized service


Realize intelligent, informationized and flexible productionIt is suitable for automatic assembly of soft pack lamination/winding cell, including pole high-speed cutting, high-speed lamination, X-Ray test, short circuit test, ultrasonic welding, adhesive, etc.
Aluminum-plastic film forming, packaging, testing, coding, film placement, liquid injection, Degassing, cutting, folding and ironing processes.


Square steel aluminum shell battery assembly & liquid injection equipment

Square steel aluminum shell battery welding and into the shell assembly line

Square steel and aluminum shell battery turntable type automatic liquid injection machine

Square steel and aluminum shell battery secondary injection machine


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