Manual die cutting machine

  • 手动模切机

Function overview

This machine is suitable for manual die cutting of lithium battery electrode after gap coating and rolling.

item Universal parameter
Punching area 350×350mm
Feed width <380 mm
Positive electrode Aluminum foil thickness 12-25μm, total thickness 70-150μm
Negative electrode Copper foil thickness 8-25μm, total thickness 70-150μm
Die type Laser die (minimum gap between knife and knife is 2mm)
Driving force Gas-liquid booster cylinder, maximum pressure of 10T
Utilization rate 95% (faults caused only by the machine)
Yield of a good product 99%(faults caused only by the machine)
Interpreting the Perfect Lithium Battery Production Process
Achieve the First Product/Brand of Lithium Battery Equipment

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