Semi-automatic stacking machine

Semi-automatic stacking machine

  • 半自动叠片机2

Function overview

This equipment is suitable for making Z-shaped lamination of positive and negative electrode pieces and isolation film of lithium-ion battery cell, the negative electrode is stacked first (positive and negative ear on the same side or different side), and the diaphragm is heated after the lamination is completed, and the artificial tail winding and adhesive are applied.

item Universal parameter
Pole positioning mode Mechanical positioning /CCD visual positioning
stacking table press claw structure Cylinder pawl
Monolithic efficiency 1-2S/PCS (dependent on pole size)
Alignment of adjacent poles ≤±0.3mm
Alignment between the pole plate and the diaphragm ≤±0.3mm
Overall alignment of the pole plate ≤±0.5mm
Marriagement rate 95% (due to the machine caused by bad)
Pass rate 98%(due to the machine caused by bad)
Interpreting the Perfect Lithium Battery Production Process
Achieve the First Product/Brand of Lithium Battery Equipment

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