CCD solid-state battery multi-piece stacking machine

CCD solid-state battery multi-piece stacking machine

  • CCD式固态电池多片堆叠机

Overview of features

This equipment is suitable for the stacking of lithium-ion composite monolithic cells which are fed by belts, after the Hi-pot test and CCD positioning, multiple monolithic cells are stacked on the stacking platform, and after the stacking is completed, the stacked cells are sent to the glue position by the big mechanical finger for side gluing, and then moved to the test platform Hi-pot test, and finally the battery cells are unloaded to the pallet, and the cells are collected manually.

Technical parameters: (The product is constantly upgraded, the following parameters are for reference only).

Item General parameters
Productivity 2~4S/Pcs (Hi-pot test time within 0.2S). 
Adapts to cell thickness 5-20mm
The overall alignment accuracy of a single cell The center deviation ≤± 0.3mm
Tape cut length 35~60mm
Adhesive position accuracy ≤0.5mm
Number of laminated layers It can be set within the thickness adaptation range
Glue method Stick C-shaped tape
Utilization rate 98% (failures caused only by this unit).  
Pass rate ≥99% (defects caused only by the machine).
Interpreting the Perfect Lithium Battery Production Process
Achieve the First Product/Brand of Lithium Battery Equipment

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