CCD solid-state battery monolithic stacking machine

CCD solid-state battery monolithic stacking machine

  • CCD式固态电池单片叠片机

Overview of features

The monolithic stacking machine is suitable for Z-shaped lamination assembly of the negative plate, positive plate and separator film of lithium-ion battery cells, and thermal pressing is carried out after the lamination is completed.

Technical parameters: (the product is constantly upgraded, the following parameters are for reference only).

Item General parameters
Monolithic lamination efficiency  ≥1.8S/Pcs
Thickness of a single cell  0.2-0.8mm
Accuracy of alignment between the pole piece and the diaphragm Center deviation ± 0.35mm
Diaphragm end-face alignment accuracy ≤±0.3mm
Alignment accuracy of adjacent pole pieces The center deviation ≤± 0.3mm
The overall alignment accuracy of the pole piece Center deviation ≤± 0.35mm
Utilization rate 98% (failures caused only by this unit). 
Pass Rate ≥99% (defects caused only by this unit).
Interpreting the Perfect Lithium Battery Production Process
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