Semi-automatic pole ear welding machine

Semi-automatic pole ear welding machine

  • 半自动极耳焊接机

Function overview

The equipment is manually loaded to the flat pressure test position for pre-welding short-circuit test, and then complete the positive and negative electrode pre-welding and vacuuming, positive and negative electrode cutting, positive and negative electrode main welding and vacuuming, automatic welding printing and gluing, and manual welding short-circuit test. By replacing the fixture, the equipment can realize the production of multiple types of products, compatible with single head pole ear and double head pole ear cell.

Technical features:

● The equipment is suitable for single-head pole ear or double-head pole ear cell;
● Welding mode: ultrasonic flat welding (optional welding with protective sheet);
● Flat-pressure cell short-circuit measurement, adjustable pressure, adjustable test time;
● Pre-welding, main welding with anti-chip splashing into the core and dust suction function;
● Pole ear cutting with waste collection device;
● Welding printing glue mechanism change fast, anti-adhesive, anti-cutting knife injury.。

Technical parameter:


item 300type 900type
Single-ended pole cell Length 150 ~ 260mm, width 100 ~ 210mm Length 150 ~ 350mm, width 150 ~ 260mm
Double-ended pole cell Length 150 ~ 300mm, width 100 ~ 260mm Length 150 ~ 900mm, width 50 ~ 150mm
Battery thickness 5~18mm 5~18mm
Electrode printing position accuracy ±0.5mm   ±0.5mm  
TAB Center distance precision ±0.5mm   ±0.5mm  
Cutting lug positioning accuracy ±0.5mm   ±0.5mm  
Tab and pole peel force after final welding ≥70N ≥70N
Residual area of weld surface after welding ≥60% ≥60%
Cutting pole lug cutter life ≥ 300,000 / time (multiple grinding) ≥ 300,000 / time (multiple grinding)
Equipment size 2800mm×1300mm×2000mm 8000mm×1800mm×2000mm
Power source AC380V,50HZ,15kw AC380V,50HZ,25kw
Air source 0.5-0.7MPa,50L/Min 0.5-0.7MPa,60L/Min
weight 1.5T 3T
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