Semi-automatic vacuum filling machine

Semi-automatic vacuum filling machine

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Overview of features

The equipment is used for automatic liquid filling and vacuum sealing of pouch liquid lithium-ion batteries. Realize the functions of manual loading and unloading, code scanning and weighing, automatic vacuum injection, vacuum standing, automatic vacuum sealing and other functions for flexible packaging lithium-ion batteries.

Technical features:

● It adopts glove box structure, fully sealed treatment, and can be used in ordinary rooms or dry rooms after filling with dry gas.
● There are transition bins at both ends, which are convenient for materials to enter and exit, and do not affect the internal environment of the liquid injection machine.
● The mechanism of the vacuum liquid injection machine has the functions of anti-dripping, receiving residual liquid, and changing the electrolyte cleaning program.
● The incoming electrolyte has a filter to prevent foreign matter from jamming the pump, and has the function of removing bubbles in the electrolyte.
● It has a liquid level sensor and automatic filling function.
● Each chamber evacuation has an airflow spoiler to prevent the vacuum from atomizing the electrolyte.
● The static chamber can be set with multi-stage vacuum, and the cycle interval can be set.
● The cell has an air bag shaping function before sealing to prevent the seal from wrinkling.
● The encapsulated cavity has a flip access function, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to quickly overhaul.
● It is equipped with an industrial control computer, with data management, storage, calculation and upload functions.

Technical parameters:

Item General parameters
Battery size Length L: 50~200mm, width W: 40~150mm, thickness H: 3~15mm (can be customized according to requirements).
Injection method Liquid injection in vacuum state, the maximum vacuum degree is -60kpa
Head length 220mm
Head width 2~4mm
Injection pump accuracy ±0.5%
Vacuum standing time 12 seconds (can be customized as required).
Equipment production efficiency 1~3PPM (affected by process time).
Pass rate 99.5%
Utilization rate 95%
Device dimensions 1800mm×1500mm×2300mm
Power supply AC220V,50HZ,6kw
Air supply 0.4-0.6MPa
Vacuum source ≥-95KPa   20L/S
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