CCD slitting machine (Regular type)

CCD slitting machine (Regular type)

  • CCD分条机 (最新)

Functions and features:
►CCD detection system: on-line detection of the front and back of the pole piece and automatic labeling of the bad pole piece;  
►Automatic belt wearing mechanism: equipped with chain automatic belt leading function;
►Discharging mechanism: automatic closed-loop tension control system, unwinding ultrasonic diameter monitoring;
►Powder dusting system: unique negative pressure suction cavity structure, and equipped with static elimination device;
►Industrial vacuum cleaner: collect electrode piece dust;
►side material traction mechanism: independent automatic traction of both side materials, independent tension control, independent edge material box automatic collection of edge materials;
►Winding mechanism: winding up and down differential shafts to ensure that the winding tension of each roll is consistent;
►Unique slitting knife seat structure, fast changeover, changeover time is less than 0.5 hours;
► Optional: ceramic slitting knife, cursor assisted positioning of rewinding and unwinding, etc.
Main technical parameters:


Main Parameters:

Slitting width


Mechanical speed


Slitting speed




Slitting width accuracy


Winding uniformity


Rewinding and unwinding diameter

Max. φ800mm

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