All-metal stacking machine

  • 全金属叠片机

Overview of features
This equipment is suitable for the positive and negative electrode pieces and separators of lithium-ion battery cells to make Z-shaped laminations, and the negative electrodes are stacked first (the same side or opposite side of the positive and negative electrode lugs), and the diaphragm is hotly cut and attached to the side glue after the lamination is completed, and the material is unloaded to the stacking platform by the manipulator, and the material is manually collected.
Skill characteristics
►The whole machine adopts KEYENCE bus control, the diaphragm unwinding adopts full closed-loop tension control, and the tension fluctuation of the pendulum roller ±1.5N;
►Provide a variety of docking methods such as stand-alone stacking and blanking, bare cell blanking to the whole line and pulling the belt, and automatic circulation of troughs;
► It can expand the functions of blanking hot pressing, tail rolling, flattening glue, short circuit test, thickness detection and so on;
► Automatic rejection of tab bending, missing angle (angle) pole piece;
► There are anti-heavy film functions such as four-side blowing slicing, bending, brush, ultrasonic sensor, etc;
►FFU processing industry vacuum cleaner reduces the dust in the equipment and improves the quality of the battery cell.


Type 200

Model 300

Compatible pole piece size

Width 50-150mm

Width 80-150mm

Compatible cell thickness


Monolithic efficiency

Double-station: ≤1S/PCS


Closing time


Pole piece positioning method

CCD type

Alignment of the Pole piece with the diaphragm


Alignment of adjacent pole pieces


The overall alignment of the pole piece


Dust removal method

The top of the equipment is equipped with FFU, and the internal cleanliness of the equipment can reach 100,000 after dust removal by the industrial vacuum cleaner

CCD detects the alignment of the pole pieces of the lamination table








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