CCD slitting machine (AGV feeding)

CCD slitting machine (AGV feeding)

  • 4CCD分条机(AGV上料)

Functions and features:

►CCD detection system: on-line detection of the positive and negative sides of the pole piece and automatic labeling of the defective pole piece, and cutting CCD detection and automatic closed-loop correction; 
►Automatic belt wearing mechanism: equipped with chain automatic belt leading function;
►Discharging mechanism: auto closed-loop tension control system, automatic feeding for AVG trolley docking, unwinding ultrasonic diameter monitoring;
►Powder dusting system: unique negative pressure suction cavity structure, and equipped with static elimination device;
►Industrial vacuum cleaner: collect electrode piece dust;
►Edge material traction mechanism: independent automatic traction of both side materials, independent tension control, independent edge material box automatic collection of edge materials;
►Winding mechanism: winding up and down differential shaft winding to ensure that the winding tension of each roll is consistent, and the winding automatic push-and-discharge mechanism;
►Unique slitting knife seat structure, fast changeover, changeover time is less than 0.5 hours;
► Optional: ceramic slitting knife, rewinding and unwinding cursor assisted positioning, etc.;
►Multi-stage structure, more convenient operation and maintenance.


Main Parameters

Slitting width


Mechanical speed


Slitting speed




Slitting width accuracy


Winding uniformity


Rewinding and unwinding diameter


※The above parameters are conventional models, which can be made according to customer requirements.

※For more product information, please contact us.

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