3C battery automatic ultrasonic welding machine

  • 3C电池全自动超声波焊接机

Functional overview
This equipment is suitable for automatic ultrasonic welding of 3C battery laminated/wound battery core, and has the functions of short circuit test of battery core before/after welding, automatic feeding and welding of tab, tab cutting after welding, tab bending, burr pressing on the welding surface, protective glue sticking on the welding surface, glue fixing after bending, automatic sorting of OK/NG products, etc.
Each function has mature performance, modular design and flexible configuration according to user's needs.
Technical features:
● Flexible docking of incoming materials of batteries before welding (drawing tape, material frame, front-end equipment blanking place);
● Incoming materials can be equipped with hot-pressing test to automatically eliminate defective batteries;
● Mechanical or CCD mode can be selected for each key process to locate the battery core;
● Pre-welding can be configured with automatic welding of sheet or coil (automatic fixed-length cutting) protective sheet;
● It has positive and negative electrode identification and special dust removal function during pre-welding and final welding;
● The ultrasonic welding shall be firm, non-void, powder-free, diaphragm-free, insulating glue-free and foil-free;
● CCD can be configured to detect the position accuracy of the lug;
● A variety of gluing methods (flat gluing, L-gluing and Z-gluing) can be configured according to customer's needs;
● According to customer's requirements, it can be configured with lug bending + glue fixing;
● All auxiliary materials can be refueled without stopping;
● Flexible docking of battery core blanking mode after welding (drawing tape, material frame, feeding place of back-end equipment);
● Flexible design of the whole machine control system, with automatic diagnosis and repair functions;
● The data of each project in the production process can be seamlessly connected with MES system.
Technical parameters: (The following parameters are for reference only)


Main Parameter

Realization mode

Turntable/Straight line

Compatible product range

Length 60-150, width 40-120 and thickness 5-15

Welding-gluing position accuracy


Equipment capacity


Welding mode of lug

Flat welding, bending welding and cladding welding

Equipment excellence rate





※ The above are the parameters of the conventional model, which can be made according to the customer's requirements.
※ Please contact our company for more product information.

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