3C battery soft package straight-line injection machine

3C battery soft package straight-line injection machine

  • 真空注液机

Functional overview:

This machine is suitable for the batch production process of automatic liquid injection packaging of soft-packed lithium-ion batteries (compatible with bluetooth batteries). The main functions of this machine are: automatic loading of cartridge, automatic scanning and input of battery bar code, manual input of incoming batch number of electrolyte, weighing before injection, vacuum injection, vacuum standing, vacuum packaging, weighing after injection, NG sorting, battery cartridge discharging and other functions.

Technical features:
● The equipment cavity is equipped with an automatic release mechanism, which is convenient for the maintenance and adjustment of the internal mechanism of the cavity.
● The cavity packaging station can rotate 90 degrees, and the head is facing the operating position, which is convenient for cleaning and maintaining the head.
● Liquid injection mode: ceramic piston is used to improve the precision, stability and injection speed of liquid injection, and it can work continuously for 30 days without cleaning the piston sleeve;
● Stable performance: the packaging structure can keep the seal stable after continuous operation for 3 months.
● Fast changing time: ≤4 hours, and 2 transformation personnel (except the time for changing electrolyte, the transformation personnel are required to be skilled in equipment operation).
● The replacement cost is low, the fixture is adjusted by screw, and the fixture does not need to replace parts. The mechanical arm of the equipment adopts servo loading and unloading, and the parameters can be modified by changing the model, and other parts are replaced less;
● There is a liquid receiving box under the liquid injection needle to prevent dripping;
● The liquid injection cavity, vacuum cavity and packaging cavity are all equipped with shunt plates and vacuum pumping throttling to control the vacuum flow, so as to prevent the electrolyte from atomizing and polluting the battery cells by pumping the electrolyte out of the air bag;
● The movable seals of the liquid injection cavity, the static cavity and the packaging cavity are lip seals made of EPDM, which have good air tightness, corrosion resistance and pressure maintaining effect.

Technical parameters:



Outline dimension

Length 8900mm× width 800mm× height 2500mm

Overall weight




Power supply 


Air supply

≥0.6MPa   15L/s 

Vacuum source

≤-95kPa    30L/s

Applicable product range

Length (50 ~ 160 mm) x width (42 ~ 160 mm) x thickness (2 ~ 10 mm)

Equipment capacity

≥20PPM (maximum time of single station ≤15S)

Equipment excellence rate




Liquid injection

0~20g adjustable

Accuracy of liquid injection pump


Injection accuracy

≤20±0.15g   ≤10±0.12g

Weighing accuracy


Liquid injection mode

Vacuum injection

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