U-shaped laminating machine

U-shaped laminating machine

  • U型贴膜机2

Overview of features

This equipment is suitable for laminating PP protective film onto the surface of pouch lithium battery cells

Technical features:

● Servo fixed-length pulling film, floating stick automatic tensioning
● The loading and unloading pull belt controls the materials in and out, and roll wrapping is controlled by the step motor.
● Vertical air shaft reel feeding type
● PLC Control, touch screen to adjust parameters

Technical parameters: (the product is constantly upgraded, the following parameters are for reference only).

Item HBDCS200 (single station). TMQ200 (double station).


1960 (including inlet, inlet and outlet) * 1000 * 2000mm (L*W* H). 2100 (including inlet, inlet and outlet) * 1950 * 2000mm (L*W*H).


Approx. 0.8T Approx. 1.2T


2.5KW 3KW

Power supply

AC220V/50HZ AC220V/50HZ

Air supply

≥0.6Mpa,40L /Min ≥0.6Mpa,40L /Min

Vacuum source

≥0.6Mpa,80L /Min ≥0.6Mpa,80L /Min

Applicable product range

H50-200mm*W60-200mm (including 30-140mm of air bag body)*T2.5-10mm H50-200mm*W60-200mm (including 30-140mm of air bag body)*T2.5-10mm

Equipment capacity

Equipment ≥99% ≥99%
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