Large long battery roller type double folding machine

Large long battery roller type double folding machine

  • 大长电池滚轮式双折边机

Overview of features

After manually putting the battery into the fixture to complete the positioning, press the start button with both hands, and the servo mechanism moves together with a folding roller to automatically complete , battery edge banding, manually remove the battery, complete the folding edge ironing, put the battery into the fixture again, and the servo mechanism moves with the two-fold roller to automatically complete the battery edge sealing two-fold.

Technical features:

● The feeding position is equipped with a battery positioning mechanism, and the positioning width is adjustable to ensure that the battery position in the fixture is consistent.
● Automatic trimming mechanism, trimming width can be fine-tuned accurately.
● Mirror-surfaced precision polished roller set for smooth double folding.
● The ironing and shaping module with adjustable temperature, pressure and time ensures the consistency of the total width of the battery after folding.
● The production efficiency is high, and it only takes 5 seconds to complete an action cycle (including 2S of ironing).
● The height of the fixture is adjustable, and it can be adjusted to accommodate the production of batteries of different thicknesses
● The trigger is clamped, and the loading and unloading are in the same position, which is easy to operate
● The trimming mechanism, the hemming roller mechanism, and the ironing mechanism are all installed on the same large bottom plate, and a linear guide rail is provided under the large bottom plate to fine-tune the screw rod, which can be quickly adjusted when changing the width of the battery.
● Fixed circular cutter structure, the knife edge becomes dull, and the knife can be used again by rotating the knife at an angle, and can be used more than 1 million times without grinding.

Technical parameters: (the following parameters are for reference only).

Item Main parameters
Applicable Specifications Length 630 X Width 350 (including air bag gas) X Thickness 3-15
Edge banding to be folded (4-10)±0.2mm
Hemming accuracy ±0.3mm
First-fold width 1.5-3.5mm
Second-fold width 2-4mm
Battery appearance Clean and flat
Productivity ≤7ppm
Pass rate 99.0%
Failure rate ≤2%
Changeover time ≤1h
Device power 380V.50HZ
atmospheric pressure ≥0.5 Mpa
Dimensions Length: 1500, width: 600, height: 850mm
Dispatch materials 10PCS
Interpreting the Perfect Lithium Battery Production Process
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