Low-humidity glove box

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Overview of features

This equipment is mainly used for the battery assembly line working process in the glove box from the drying room, generally a combination of multiple boxes to form a relatively closed space, through the gloves to achieve internal and external isolation during operation. Through the connected air inlet pipe, low-humidity air is introduced to the inside of the box, so as to maintain the temperature, humidity and cleanliness working environment required by the product processing process such as (liquid injection, standing, presealing) and so on.

Technical features:

● The glove box adopts a split modular design, which can be combined according to needs.
● The feeding transfer box is connected with the drying room and is equipped with a stirring device and a support.
● The work surface is made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant.
● The cylindrical barrel transition chamber is used to ensure that the internal vacuum reaches -90Mpa.
● The doors on both sides are opened and closed with gas springs to facilitate equipment maintenance and cleaning.

Technical parameters:

Item Main parameters


Size (L*W*H): 2000×1600×1900mm (excluding the size of the transition bin and PVC pipe valve).




1.0 KW

Power supply

AC 220V ±10% 50Hz/60Hz

Air supply

≥0.6MPa 30L/S
Vacuum source ≥-95KPa 80L/S

Applicable product range

Note: Equipment weighing ≤ 300KG and with a total height of ≤ 900MM can be placed in the glove box

Equipment capacity

Equipment Excellence Rate No
Injection volume No
Injection accuracy No
Weighing accuracy No
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