3C battery soft package rotary plate liquid injection machine

3C battery soft package rotary plate liquid injection machine

  • 软包转盘式注液机

Functional overview:

This machine is suitable for the batch production process of automatic liquid injection packaging of flexible packaging lithium ion batteries. The main functions of this machine are: automatic loading of cartridge, automatic scanning and inputting of battery bar code, manual input of incoming batch number of electrolyte, CCD positioning, loading and unloading of SCARA four-axis robot, weighing before liquid injection, automatic flaring, vacuum closed-loop variable liquid injection, automatic residual liquid discharge, vacuum standing, vacuum packaging, weighing after liquid injection, NG sorting, battery cartridge discharging and other functions. This machine adopts glove box structure, and the inside is filled with protective gas. The whole machine is put in a common room for use, and the front end of the equipment is automatically sealed and butted with the previous process equipment.

Technical features:
● The equipment cavity is equipped with an automatic release mechanism, which is convenient for the maintenance and adjustment of the internal mechanism of the cavity;
● The cavity packaging station can rotate 90 degrees, and the head is facing the operating position, which is convenient for cleaning and maintaining the head;
● Liquid injection mode: the ceramic piston is used to inject liquid, which improves the accuracy, stability and speed of liquid injection, and can work continuously for 30 days without cleaning the piston sleeve;
● The heavy turntable rotary bearing is used to support the turntable and servo control the transmission speed of the turntable to replace the original cam divider transmission, so as to avoid the deformation of the turntable in the use process of the equipment and the failure to meet the process requirements;
● It takes ≤1 0 minutes for the equipment to be changed, and there is one person to change the equipment (the equipment has the function of changing electrolyte with one button);
● The equipment adopts closed-loop variable liquid injection (the liquid injection is automatically adjusted according to the production data);
● The equipment is equipped with a wireless mobile auxiliary screen to facilitate maintenance and operation;
● Equipment operators: one person can operate three equipments at the same time (operators include visual inspection of products).
Technical parameters:




Outline dimension

Length 6300mm× width 2300mm× height 2550mm (excluding touch screen)

Overall weight




Power supply 


Air supply

≥0.7MPa 30L/s (utilization rate 50%)

Vacuum source

≤-95kPa    90L/s

Applicable product range

Length (50~160mm)× width (42~160mm)× thickness (2~10mm)

Equipment capacity

≥20PPM (total standing time ≤15s)

Equipment excellence rate




Liquid injection

0~20g adjustable

Accuracy of liquid injection pump

≤ 20 0.01g (pump accuracy only)

Injection accuracy

≤20±0.15g   ≤10±0.12g

Weighing accuracy

0.001g (accuracy of electronic scale itself)

Liquid injection mode

Vacuum closed-loop variable injection


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