Fully automatic centrifugal two-sealing line

  • 离心式二封机

Functional overview:
Function overview: This equipment is mainly used for automatic pumping vacuum packaging of soft-packed lithium-ion batteries, and its functions include: automatic feeding (pallet loading, integrated feeding of material boxes, pulling and bringing materials by docking logistics lines, The loading of the whole frame of the magazine is selected as required) → code scanning →NG sorting → positioning and finishing the side sealing edge before the battery enters the cavity →puncture suction vacuum package → removing the air bag → secondary fine sealing → edge voltage test (which can be put after the folding according to the customer's requirements) → fine cutting the left side → fine cutting the right side → folding the edge (single or double folding as required) or gluing the butt joint three folding edges (as required) → ironing and setting.
Technical features:
● Robot + CCD is used to position the loading and unloading without mechanical contact with the bottom of the battery;
● The battery has good liquid retention, which can reduce the amount of electrolyte injected into the battery and reduce the battery cost;
● Make products with good consistency;
● The equipment adopts full-automatic intelligent whole line operation with only one person;
● Convenient cavity maintenance, no pollution and no short circuit;
● The whole line can be changed at a low cost, and the fixture can be basically used;
● The cavity pressure plate can be controlled in real closed loop;
● Multi-positioning detection can minimize the probability of package crushing and trimming, and reduce the risk of battery short circuit and fire;
● Seal debugging needs no copper foil pad;
● The gas bag cutting station is equipped with a semi-closed waste box with exhaust air, which greatly reduces the electrolyte vapor concentration inside the equipment;
● The weighing station is equipped with a weighted independent support and an electronic weighing wind shield, so the weighing accuracy is high;
● The electric box is set at the top of the equipment, separated from the inside of the equipment, so as to prevent electrolyte vapor from invading the electric box and damaging electrical components; The top is equipped with exhaust function;
● The equipment is equipped with a gas storage tank, and the electrolyte is separated from the vacuum by an isolation plate to prevent the electrolyte from polluting the vacuum pump, which has the function of vacuum gas storage and ensures vacuum stability;
● The frame of the whole machine adopts sealed design, and the smell of electrolyte is collected centrally, so the workshop environment is better;
● The whole machine adopts modular design, which makes debugging or replacement convenient and quick;
● The battery technology can be centrifugal or non-centrifugal, and each function can be flexibly configured according to the user's needs;

Technical parameters:



Outline dimension

Length 8000mmX width 2000X height 2500.

Overall weight




Power supply 

AC220 or AC380/50HZ

Air supply


Vacuum source

≤-95kPa    30L/s

Applicable product range

Length 30-160mm, width 30-120mm (excluding air bag) and thickness 1.5—15mm.

Equipment capacity


Equipment excellence rate


Seal thickness accuracy


Residual liquid δ


Trimming accuracy


Flanging accuracy


Cutter life

Single time ≥50 times

Packaging temperature

The packaging temperature is adjustable from room temperature to 250℃, and the control accuracy is 3℃

Accuracy of unsealed area


Accuracy of electronic scale




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