Soft pack power battery semi-automatic ultrasonic welding machine

Soft pack power battery semi-automatic ultrasonic welding machine

  • 软包动力电池半自动超声波焊接机

Function overview

This equipment is suitable for the semi-automatic ultrasonic welding of flexible packaging power battery lamination/winding cell. It has the functions of pre-soldering of cell pole lug, fixed length cutting after pre-welding, main welding of Tab pole lug, burr suction on welding surface, protective adhesive on welding surface, flat pressure short circuit test of cell before and after welding, manual loading and unloading and manual loading and unloading.

Technical features:

● The fixture is configured in the process of manual transfer of the battery cell to prevent the dislocation of the pole piece of the battery cell;
● Anode lug pre-welding, cutting, main welding, burring process with negative pressure suction function;
● Ultrasonic welding firm, no virtual welding, no shock powder, no damage diaphragm, no hot insulation glue, no shock cracking foil;
● Replacement fixture can be compatible with multiple types of cell pole ear welding, compatible with the same side/different side of the pole ear cell;
● According to customer needs to configure a variety of welding surface adhesive (flat paste, L-paste, Z-paste);
● Flexible configuration, to achieve the lowest cost.

Technical parameters: (The following parameters are for reference only)



Main parameter

Welding mode

Linear type

Compatible product range

Length 70-600, width 50-350, thickness 5-15

Welding/gluing position accuracy


Equipment capacity

≥2PPM (depending on manual speed)

Electrode welding method

Flat welding, bending welding, cladding welding

Efficiency of equipment


Utilization rate


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