Soft pack power battery automatic packaging machine

Soft pack power battery automatic packaging machine

  • 软包自动包装机

Function overview

This device is suitable for automatic packaging of flexible packaging battery, its functions include: aluminum-plastic film unwinding → dust removal → slitter → punching the shell → cutting the shell into the turntable → folding in half → cutting the top edge; Naked cell automatic feeding →CCD detection and sorting → shaping and positioning → entering the shell → top seal (including pole lug correction) → side seal → corner seal → insulation test → cutting side → Jet coding → code scanning and NG sorting → Envelope → semi-finished product feeding and other functions.

Technical features:

● Material roll automatic correction, aluminum film automatic float roller tension control;
● Aluminum film longitudinal cutting;
● Servo punching shell, depth adjustable
● The left and right corners of the battery are separately packaged;
● Test,Jet coding NG sorting and independent placement;
● Pneumatic shaft vertical plate cantilever placement;
● Fine cutting top sealing edge to ensure alignment;
● CCD detection and sorting of raw cell incoming materials;
● Automatic correction of the pre-packaged pole ear;
● Fine cutting side sealing;
● Each section of data can be seamlessly connected with MES system.

Technical parameters: (The following parameters are for reference only)



Type 300

Type 400

Type 650

Battery category

Single-ended pole cell

Double-ended pole cell

Double-ended pole cell

Compatible product range

Length 150-280 wide 100-210 thick 5-15

Length 200-400 wide 80-150 thick 5-15

Length 350-600 wide 80-150 thick 5-15

Equipment capacity




Efficiency of equipment




Utilization rate




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