Square steel and aluminum shell battery turntable type automatic liquid injection machine

Square steel and aluminum shell battery turntable type automatic liquid injection machine

  • 铝壳注液转盘

Function overview
The equipment is mainly used for automatic vacuum injection production of square aluminum shell power lithium battery. It is equipped with conveyor belt incoming material, code scanning before injection, short-circuit Hi-pot test, weighing before injection, bad product sorting collection, automatic filling fixture, sealing detection before injection, automatic vacuum filling, high and low pressure circulation, collection of residual liquid in injection cup, cleaning of injection cup and injection nozzle, unloading conveyor belt fixture after injection, weighing after injection, DMC cleaning of automatic injection port, and automatic rotation on Nail formation, nail formation detection, conveyor belt discharge and other functions.


Technical features:
● Equipment using vacuum injection, high and low pressure breathing static;
● Heavy rotary bearing support rotary plate, servo control rotary plate drive speed instead of the original CAM divider drive, to avoid the equipment in the use of the rotary plate deformation cavity pressure can not meet the process requirements;
● The equipment liquid injection fixture is equipped with automatic clamping function to prevent the battery from deformation in the production process;
● The equipment is equipped with wireless mobile sub-screen for easy maintenance and operation;
● The injection cup body of the equipment is made of special glass, and the situation in each cup body can be clearly seen during the production process;
● Before injection, add the injection cup and injection nozzle cleaning system to improve injection accuracy and avoid secondary pollution of the injection nozzle to the battery;
● After injection, add the injection nozzle to the residual liquid system to avoid electrolytic body fluid pollution of the battery housing;
● The injection nozzle adopts a conical insert type of injection, avoiding the step of the battery injection port, and the electrolyte at the right Angle connection can not be cleaned.


Technical parameters


Common Parameters


It is 7200mm long× 6200mm wide × 2800mm high

The weight of the whole machine




Power supply


Air supply

≥ 0.7MPa 30L/s (utilization rate 50%))

Vacuum source

≤-95kPa 60L/s


≥0.6MPa 60L/s

Applicable product range

Length (100~200mm), × width (100~175mm), × thickness (15~30mm.) )

Equipment capacity

≥ 20PPM (total standing time ≤ 480s).

Equipment Excellence Rate


Utilization rate


Injection volume


Injection pump accuracy


Injection accuracy


Weighing accuracy


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